DK's Story

DK is a natural born artist with an extensive background in the beauty and modeling industry for over 5 years. As a perfectionist by nature, she has a knack for tasteful, subtle hints of definition, shading, and color theory, that you can see come alive in all her work. DK truly enjoys helping women and men regain and restore their confidence with permanent cosmetic makeup.

As a visionary, DK’s knowledge of new techniques and products has proven to be valuable to her clients. Her collaboration with Swiss Color International has certified her work in eyebrow microblading with national knowledge, latest innovations, and standards. All which are enhanced by using Swiss Color products. 

Swiss Color pigments

Top-of-the-line Swiss Color® pigments

Swiss Color® is following a clear vision to become the world’s premier Permanent Make up and Microblading brand. Driven by determination and a never ending stream of innovative ideas, we work continuously on creating a global brand, reaching out to every corner of the earth. With passion and dedication perfusing everything we do, Swiss Color® strives to develop the most prestigious and high-quality products the beauty industry has to offer.


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